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NIRVAR is a word that gains a direction, meaning and meaning in the lives of many people. Interval in the construction environment through ideas and projects that transform actions and help change the landscape of places, villages, parishes and counties. It has contributed to the good and to the happiness of all who are the new view and the constructed spaces. The company’s headquarters is located in one of the most beautiful places in Portugal: the city of Guimarães.After fifteen years of existence, NIRVAR is proud to be a civil construction and public works company that remains in the market for its FORCE OF VALUE “and” CONSTRUCTION OF VALUE “. Confesses the dedication and professionalism of its collaborators. It recognizes the ultimate goal of total customer satisfaction.
We are NIRVAR - We are a Family

The experience gained over the years in civil construction, public works and rehabilitation has allowed us to seek a new direction for sustained and diversified growth, NIRVAR has undergone a restructuring and in search of a new direction the NIRVAR GROUP has been created:

NIRVAR - Construções, Lda
Nirvar Naturance
Naturance Unipessoal
.. For a better world

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an unquestionable component in the times in which we live. In recent years, the notion that companies must assume a broader role in society has transcended the basic vocation, the creation of wealth.

The effort and attitude of NIRVAR – Construções to respect and incorporate in its strategies principles, practices and norms of conduct that enhance and enrich relations with employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and public entities. A benefit common to all.

Nirvar – Constructions, since 2008, as donor partners nº 222239.

Like a drop in the ocean, Nirvar – Constructions makes a contribution to try to minimize the tragedies that daily the children of the world suffer for lack of means.


Nirvar – Construções, assumes the importance and the impact that sport has on the training of young people.


The young people of today are the society of tomorrow.

This is reflected in our support for young sports teams.

  • Lousada A.C. Basquetebol
  • Juniores B Masculinos Lousada A.C. 2009-2010
  • Séniores femininos Lousada A.C. (Campeãs Nacionais 2ª Divisão 2007/2008)
And like everything else at work, Nirvar – Construções is always associated with the champions:

  • Associação Desportiva de Vagos
  • Vencedoras da III Taça Vitor Hugo (super Taça Nacional) 2010
  • Campeãs Nacionais da 1ª Liga Nacional de Basquetebol Feminino 2009/2010